What Does My Check Engine Light Mean

 If your check engine icon blinks or constantly illuminates, a qualified service technician should diagnose the problem. Usually, a blinking light can indicate that the engine has misfired and unburned fuel has gotten into the exhaust system. When a misfire occurs it can cause the  catalytic converter to overheat, which you will need to replace.

 Check Engine Light Details

 When the check engine icon lights up, example the indicator lights for overheating and decreased oil pressure. If your vehicle has either of these problems, steer to the side of the road and turn off the engine.

In most cases, the check engine display will illuminate if the gas cap is not tightened. Some automotive manufacturers install a separate indicator that blinks before a loose cap triggers the warning light.

 If you notice performance problems while the light is blinking, decrease your speed or reduce pressure on the engine. If your vehicle is pulling another automobile, the weight of the second vehicle is probably triggering the engine light.

Whenever the light continues to blink, a technician must use a tool to interpret the code. To try our check engine light diagnosis service, contact our customer service department and schedule an appointment.

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